Conference Venue

Graduate Institute of Applied Mechanics (應用力學館)

Map in NTU


Visa-exempt entry for 30 days is permitted for visitors from the following countries:

  • Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K. and U.S.A..
  • India , Indonesia , Philippines , Thailand , and Vietnam : Those holding passports issued by any of the above five countries and having either the United States Permanent Resident Cards or Canadian Permanent Resident Cards are eligible for Visa-exempt entry.

Requirements for Visa-exempt entry:

  • A passport with validity of at least six months upon entry.
    1. Visa-exempt entry only applicable to formal passports, not including emergency, temporary, other informal passports or travel documents.
    2. Japanese Citizen is entitled to validity of passport at least three months, under same other requirements. (unless otherwise stipulated by treaty or agreement)
  • A confirmed return air/sea ticket or an air/sea ticket and a visa for the next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for departure.
  • No criminal record or not listed by the local authorities.

Visitor Visa for Attending Conference / Exhibition

  • If you are not qualified to the requirements mentioned in Section A, you need to apply for a visitor visa.

Required documents for visitor visa applications:



1. Completed and signed application form Download application Form (PDF)
2. Two passport-size photos in color within 6 months Photo with a white background
3. Passport (original and photocopy) Valid for 6 months with blank pages
4. Evidence of documents Invitation Letter or proof of exhibition and applicant's ID
5. Other additional documents may be required during processing Ticket , electronic ticket or proof of a travel agency


  • Applicants can lodge their applications with the necessary documents and statutory fee at our overseas missions.
  • Interview may be required when necessary.


  • Visas are issued as stipulated by Article 12 of the Statute Governing Issuance of Taiwan Visas for Foreign Passports. As a sovereign nation, the ROC has the right to refuse applications for visas without providing any explanation for such decisions; visa application fee is not refundable.
  • Fee for single entry: US$50 (NT$1,600) ; Fee for multiple entry: US$100 (NT$3,200) ; Reciprocal processing fee: US$131 (NT$4,323), currently only for American passport holders.

For more information of the "Visitor Visa Application", please check the website in English or Chinese

For more visa information, please visit Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan) website.


Quick Jump

Information from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei City (Taipei Railway Station)

1. By bus (
(1).Ticket counters are located in the Arrival Passenger Reception Areas of both Terminals.
(2).Terminal I Bus Platform: On the southwest side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area.
(3).Terminal II Bus Platform: On the northeast side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area.
(4).Adult single fares vary from NT$110 to $140.
Routes Stops Fare (NT$) Service Hours Journey Time
Taiwan Bus Corp.
(Kuokuang Line)
Jiuquan St., Taipei Bridge,
Taipei Railway Station (destination)
Adult NT$125
Child NT$65
Taoyuan Airport 05:40-24:50
Taipei Railway Station 05:00-23:30

2. By Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) (
(1).Take a taxi to "THSR Taoyuan Station."
(2).Order the ticket from "Taoyuan" to "Taipei" and take THSR following passenger guide (
(3).Fare: NT$160

3. By Taxi (
(1).Taxi queues are outside the Arrival Halls of both terminals.
(2).Airport taxis charge according to the meter in addition to a 50% surcharge (highway tolls not included) and provide transport to anywhere in Taiwan. (A typical taxi fare to Taipei is approx. NT$1,100.)

Information from Taipei Railway Station (MRT Taipei Main Station) to Ntional Taiwan University (MRT Gongguan Station) & Conference Venue (Graduate Institute of Applied Mechanics)

1. By Mass Rapid Transit (metroTaipei:
(1).Take MRT Green line (Danshui -> Xindian Line) and get off at MRT Gorgguan Station.
(2).Walk to the EXIT 3 of MRT Gongguan Station.
(3).Conference Venue (Graduate Institute of Applied Mechanics) is 15 minutes walk away from the EXIT 3 of the Gongguan Station.

Download map here
2. By taxi
(1).Please tell taxi drivers to National Taiwan University and stop at Graduate Institute of Applied Mechanics.
(2).Please download and print the Chinese-English instruction cards. You could use these cards to show your destinations to taxi drivers.


The AIRS 2010 conference will be held at the Nation Taiwan University. For your comfort, we suggest participants reserve rooms at hotels which are nearby or with convenient transportation such as Taipei Metro System. Below are some recommended hotels with online reservations available.

Leader Hotel

Adjoining the National Taiwan University is the Leader Hotel located. Usually known as the Tsun Hsien Hall (尊賢館) of the NTU, the Leader Hotel hosts scholars as well as tourists and business customers. Located next to GongGuan Station and neighboring NTU, it takes about 3 minutes to the Taipei Metro and around a quarter to reach the conference site by foot.

Online Reservation

Here are the online reservation system and the Chinese version.

Contact Information

83, Section 4, LuoSiFu (Roosevelt) Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Howard International House

The Howard International House is located on XinSheng South Rd., roughly 300 meters from NTU campus. It takes nearly 20 minutes to the conference site by walking or 10 minutes by riding cars.

Online Reservation

Here are the online reservation system and the Chinese version.

Contact Information

30, Section 3, XinSheng South Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Travel Information

For more travel information, please visit Taipei Travel Net or Taiwan Touch Your Heart website.

Visa for Mainland Chinese Participant



  1. 請於9月30日以前將以下申請資料以快遞方式郵寄至大會秘書處(寄送地址請見底下),以便辦理入台許可事宜。
  2. 欲來台之與會者,請先辦理註冊。已註冊者之申請資料才予以受理。(註冊系統將於近日開放)
  3. 申請須備資料分為「團體」及「個人」兩類,說明如下:
    • 若為個人獨自來台,則「團體」及「個人」兩類資料皆須填寫。
    • 若為兩人以上共同來台(搭乘同班機抵台及離台),則「團體」資料只須填寫一分,「個人」資料每位皆需填寫。
  4. 預計同團來台(搭乘同班機抵台及離台)的團體,務必將資料一起寄來辦理,並註明聯絡人及聯絡方式。入台許可證核發後將統一以快遞寄給聯絡人。
  5. 申請人寄送資料後,由大會秘書處送交台灣入出境管理局進行審核,入台許可證核發後將以快遞寄出,所有流程約需一個月。
  6. 因時間緊迫,請盡早寄達相關資料,否則將會影響來台行程。另請同時向貴單位詢問出國來台相關手續,
  7. 除了台灣方面所需之資料外,請同時向有關單位詢問來台之相關程序,兩邊同時辦理以節省時間。


  1. 團體名冊:請填寫姓名、性別、出生日期、現任職單位、職稱。
  2. 預計在台行程:請填寫預計來台、離台日期時間以及在台之行程。入台證之有效期間將依此為準。


  1. 來台申請書: 可複印使用,正反面請複印成一張,申請書背面「申請人處」敬請簽名及蓋章。請附上大陸地區居民身分證正反面影本、護照影本、兩吋照片各一張。請注意照片須為最近六個月內所拍攝之彩色、脫帽未帶有色眼鏡,五官清晰、不遮蓋,相片不修改,足資辨識人貌,直 4.5公分橫 3.5公分人像自頭頂至下顎之長度不得小於 3.2公分及超過 3.6公分,白色背景之正面半身薄光面紙照片,且不得使用合成照片,照片背面請書寫姓名、出生日期。若不符合此規格,主管機關無法受理訪台申請案。
  2. 申請書填寫範例下載(PDF格式)
  3. 工作單位在職證明正本:一個月內開立之在職證明。請用學校或單位的信紙輸出,內容需有出具日期、單位主管(聯絡人)及聯繫方式,並加蓋任職單位章(備註:現任職單位,除黨、政、軍職外,另具有「人大代表」、「政協委員」及「台辦」身分者,均應據實填寫)。
  4. 最高學歷證明影本:例如教授資格證書,畢業證書或學生證。
  5. 個人簡歷:曾任職務、具有何種相關專業造詣等,請簽名蓋章並加蓋任職單位章。
  6. 目前任職單位非學校者,請另付公司執照或登記書影印本並加蓋任職單位章。


  1. 資料寄送地址:台灣台北市大安區10617羅斯福路四段一號資訊工程系(德田館)302室 柯彥宇收。
  2. 若有任何疑問,請以電子郵件聯絡